13absy.Jean (for_your_life) wrote in chicagofucks,


is the last night of the breast cancer benefit that Coyote Ugly Saloon is throwing in honor of our Coyote Courtney, whom we lost to stage 4 breast cancer on September 15th at the young age of 23.

we're pushing body shots, we're selling cancer awareness bracelets for $2, and suckers for $1, PLUS we're auctioning off our bras and t shirts! HAHA this will be interesting!

Whatever it is that you degenerates are doing tonight, I bet it's not as important as saving the tatas (and c'mon, EVERYONE loves tits), so PLEASE, I'm BEGGING YOU, come in to Coyote Ugly tonight!

Buy body shots for your friends, for strangers, or fuck, even for yourself!
Get bracelets!
Get a sucker!
Every $1 helps!

If you find me and mention this post I'll buy your first round of drinks, swear on my life!
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